LAP-BAND Surgery

Adjustable gastric band surgery is the only adjustable and fully reversible weight loss surgery option currently available.

Gastric Sleeve

Sleeve gastrectomy modifies the size and shape of your stomach to limit the amount of food that can be eaten.

General Surgery

Our team of surgeons are all board certified and offer expertise in all aspects of general surgery.

Welcome to Northlake Surgical Associates, Ltd.

Northlake Surgical Associates provides the highest quality general surgical care available to the residents of the Northshore.

General Surgery Experts

Our board certified general surgeons are experts in traditional and laparoscopic procedures including gallbladder resection, hernia repair, acid reflux therapies, thyroid surgery, colon, small intestine and stomach surgery, as well as breast surgery.  We use minimally invasive surgical techniques whenever possible to provide every patient with the highest standard of comfort, convenience and safety. Learn more about general surgery.

Surgical Weight Loss

Our surgeons are dedicated to helping patients improve their health and regain control of their weight using the latest and most effective surgical weight loss techniques.

We offer laparoscopic gastric banding using the LAP-BAND® System as well as laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery to provide a long-term solution for patients who have struggled to lose weight on their own and are striving to live a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about weight loss surgery

About Northlake Surgical Associates

At Northlake Surgical Associates, we meet the highest standards in surgical care. Our surgeons, Michael W. Carpenter, M.D, F.A.C.S, Mark J. Dominguez, M.D., Ludwig C. Heintz, M.D, F.A.C.S, and John H. Verhulst, M.D, F.A.C.S, are highly trained in the latest advanced surgical treatments. Learn more about our board certified general surgeons

Please contact us to learn more about the weight loss and general surgery treatments available at Northlake Surgical Associates.

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